Bramfitt Technology Labs

Bramfitt Technology Labs is a close team of cyber security experts with backgrounds in finance, military and application development.


Our unique background gives us a rare insight and capability in the securing of business applications. Our development focuses on developing libraries that integrate security into existing applications, securing legacy code and new projects. Our team has proven effective in a variety of industries, this has allowed us to work with a diverse set of partner penetration testing teams, architecture and cyber security teams.


percent of web applications with security flaws or weaknesses that can be exploited.


percent of developers lack time to spend on security issues they believe are important.


percent of vulnerabilities discovered during DAST result in information leaks.


Our client-focused approach to delivering expert cyber advice and technical assistance will reassure your organisation against the rising threat of cyber crime.

Penetration Testing.

Identify vulnerabilities in your applications and systems.

Embedded APPSEC.

Working alongside your developers to ensure secure coding.


Harden your development operations pipeline.

Cyber Assurance Assessment.

Assess your organisation’s security maturity.

What our clients say

“Bramfitt Technology Labs has been an essential partner in our efforts to embed security into our development operations. Their client focused approach means it felt like they’re part of our team, which had a great impact on our collaborative projects.”
CISO of Banking organisation