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Results and excellence 

Secure by design specialists

Bramfitt is an international cyber security consultancy. Providing highly skilled security experts that will help enable organisations to embed security practices.

We have experience with large and complex organisations and have provided our expertise within many industries. Our pragmatic approach and context driven consulting has proved to be proactive, efficient and effective.

Protecting your customers

Securing applications and code that are responsible for your customers' sensitive data and your business success.

Protecting your environment

Safeguarding networks and systems that allow your business to operate successfully.

Protecting your innovation

Ensuring collaboration between security and engineering teams to achieve security by design.

Protecting your future

Security validation for your remote and distributed environments, as your business leverages next generation technology.

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In the previous post we gave an introduction to Server-Side Request Forgery (SSRF) which included some examples. In this post there will be a demo to show how it works.   Firs...

This week’s post will be a quick update on the SameSite cookie change which Google purposed to make to its Chrome browser at the beginning of this year.   These changes ...

Forging long lasting partnerships

Bramfitt works in partnership with global CISOs and their security teams to provide enterprise level consulting. Our proven methodologies mitigate complex security issues with intelligent solutions.


Specialising in the financial, utilities, healthcare, industrial and retail sectors, our flexible approach ensures proactive cyber security and positive consequence management.