2nd Update: SameSite cookie changes

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2nd Update: SameSite cookie changes

This week’s post will be a quick update on the SameSite cookie change which Google purposed to make to its Chrome browser at the beginning of this year.


These changes were related to an ongoing plan to improve security and privacy. The two original posts explaining the changes can be found here Part 1 and Part 2.


One of these included a couple of demo applications that could be tried out while using Chrome. These changes were scheduled to go ahead until the devastation of COVID-19 hit the world. Then came the announcement that the changes would be rolled back until such time when it was safe to do so, not restricting people from gaining access to the required services that were needed.


Since lockdown restrictions have begun to ease in some countries (and many others will follow suit when time allows), there has been a further announcement by Google in May 2020 that plans for resuming the SameSite enforcement will be going ahead as of July 2020.


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