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Bramfitt is an international cyber security consultancy that leads the way in innovation and cyber resilience. Our entire team is owner-managed and works on a linear structure drawing expertise from the military, government, finance and technology industry. Together, we provide support and collaboration to those who protect company assets and sensitive data.

“The team will always be our greatest asset.”

Lewis Bramfitt CEO, Founder


Consultancy is about working together and using our expert’s skills to guide our clients to better, more secure solutions. Since Bramfitt was founded in 2014 by Lewis Bramfitt, teamwork has been the primary focus and primary driver for corporate decisions. Every employee has to be technically excellent, but also has to be a member of a close team. This closeness is fostered using the military experience within the organisation and this provides a supportive, driven and constantly challenging environment. This strong team spirit enables us to integrate with our clients, share their responsibilities and ultimately succeed together.

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Leading the way with you in partnership


Bramfitt leads the way in the technical cyber security consulting with large international organisations and global brands. We share this journey with you through collaboration and education in your teams so that everyone learns and develops together. Adopting truthful straight talking, combined with diligence, professionalism and support, everyone can stay true to themselves and to their cause.

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