Application Security

Safeguard your customer's data and your reputation

Keeping reputation intact


The livelihood of an organisation, its reputation and value, is in its infrastructure, assets and data. Today, data is the modern currency. In the wrong hands – it’s devastation. Kept safe – it’s priceless.


Even though data security is the responsibility of everyone in an organisation, the buck often stops with the head of security, the CISO. It’s a tough call.


Our Application Security Services include:

Turnkey protection

Keep applications safe, functional and accessible to the right people. Implementing strict security controls to detect, repair and prevent vulnerabilities carve a safer environment for all involved.

Challenging your barriers

Understand where application vulnerabilities lie and build appropriate measures to eliminate them by using ethical penetration testing to simulate controlled attacks.

Creating a security ethos

Instill a security-focussed culture in development, security and operational teams to understand divergent issues and pressures to improve overall security within the subject application.

Mitigate malicious movers

Eliminate the possibility of malevolent actors exploiting mobile devices and applications by tenaciously discovering, repairing and removing weaknesses.

Keeping the doors secure


Security is only as good as the weakest link. Technology advancement, and emerging and artificial intelligence has progressed the inevitable reliance on the Internet of Things and tech infrastructure. Application security bridges the gaps, finds the holes and plugs the leaks. This builds an impenetrable infrastructure of code securities, vulnerability testing and user knowledge that keeps the doors secure.

92% of web applications have security flaws or weaknesses that can be exploited.


(High-Tech Bridge Security Research)

Upholding image and trust


Malicious actors evolve sophisticated new attack vectors making the threat landscape as much an internal problem as it is external. In fact, the most reported cyber incidents occur as a result of employee error. Secure AppSec practices across the supply chain keep organisations away from media scandal, out of the red and in the customer’s favour.

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