AppSec Programme

Mature your application security across your organisation

Protecting security posture


Cyber risk management has never been more important, as more data, devices, apps and users inevitably widen the attack surface. Periodic testing and remediation after a breach is no longer a sufficient solution to counteract operational and financial disruption.

Reducing the risk profile


The challenge for CISOs is to relay the message to the board that security investment isn’t cost prohibitive and won’t cause obstacles for the development process. In fact, it has completely the opposite effect.


When discovered or undiscovered vulnerabilities are on the up, the need for continuous visibility and AppSec strategies to go beyond simple patching is paramount – particularly when many current issues have no fix.

48% of developers lack sufficient time to spend on security issues they believe are important.


Number 48 graphic

Is it worth the risk?


Understanding the size of the threat landscape and the cost implication is like a finger in the air exercise when resources are limited, organisation structure is complex and leaders have an ‘it won’t happen to us’ attitude. Malicious attacks whether remote, user-assisted or context-dependent can destroy an enterprise within hours. Not least through data loss or misuse but through slanderous media headlines causing share prices to drop and customer trust to dissipate.

Create a security-aware culture


Assessing the organisation scale and the potential of threat attacks, both internal and external, alongside current security solutions and mitigation strategies will calculate your risk impact. A full AppSec programme will calculate the high-risk areas, fill in the gaps and rapidly increase security posture from day one by implementing:

  • DevSecOps integration
  • Embedded security
  • Penetration testing 
  • Secure code training
  • Best practice guides


Creating a shift in technology and security culture through the application of industry compliance, cyber hygiene standards and a DevSecOps core will futureproof your enterprise.

Our AppSec solution for your business


Following a risk profile, our expert consultancy and verified methodologies will create a common ground for enterprise-wide objectives and a universal language for everyone to buy into AppSec solutions.


Remediation will be prioritised for high-value high-risk areas. A secure DevOps strategy will be integrated into new projects and legacy applications will be managed by a risk reduction strategy. Constant monitoring and reporting will show the effectiveness of the security as code process and ongoing reduction in risk profile.

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AppSec doesn’t stop once development is complete. Avoid the grey areas and risk adversity, integrate security as code today