Embedded AppSec

Bridge the gap between developers and security

Security to engage your developers


As tech develops and its reliance expands, a situation can become apparent where different business departments harness divergent technologies, programming languages, middleware, applications and databases. Coupled with dissimilar vendor products, management hierarchies and variations in compliance, complications undoubtedly arise.

A combined approach


A common situation for enterprise level organisations comprising diverse agendas and a lack of shared communication prevents progress from a DevOps point of view.


Placing experts, fluent in development as well as security, into the highest priority teams enable isolated departments to collaborate using a security as code approach. Facilitating security in development produces higher quality code and helps to alleviate some of the pressures after deployment.

Data breaches exposed 4.1 billion records in the first half of 2019.


Maintain momentum


Understanding the size of the threat landscape and the cost implication is like a finger in the air exercise when resources are limited, organisation structure is complex and leaders have an ‘it won’t happen to us’ attitude. Malicious attacks whether remote, user-assisted or context-dependent can destroy an enterprise within hours. Not least through data loss or misuse but through slanderous media headlines causing share prices to drop and customer trust to dissipate.

Improve security posture


Embedding AppSec principles into software development stages shows a shift in culture within teams to reduce the vulnerabilities being released.

  • Improve knowledge of security within the subject application
  • Promote professional relationships and collaboration between security, development and network teams
  • Reduce risk and evaluate cyber resilience metrics


Remediating current vulnerabilities and employing stringent AppSec controls for new developments vastly improves the security posture of applications.

Supercharge your DevSecOps


Bramfitt experts provide a supportive environment and training to DevOps and security teams. This equips staff to understand and implement AppSec tooling within development pipelines alongside DevSecOps reporting, risk management and compliance requirements. The Bramfitt Embedding AppSec service can be applied as a standalone provision or to supplement existing DevSecOps procedures across entire enterprise functions.

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Prevent new vulnerabilities from being introduced into development pipelines with pragmatic embedded AppSec