Mobile Application Pentests

Reducing the risk of mobile applications being exploited

Securing Mobile Apps


Mobile handsets and tablets form a critical part of society for conducting business and for personal use. But the ease of communication and 24/7 access presented by a mobile environment brings a unique set of security risks and attack vectors from the software package delivery to a device owned and operated by the end user.

Identifying Vulnerabilities


Penetration testing from within the mobile environment seeks to find application weaknesses at different stages of the app lifecycle including pre-development, development, launch and post release. Detecting vulnerabilities pre-release keeps the costs to make code, design and architecture changes low and enables a more robust application on deployment.


Mobile pentesting provides accurate reporting for real-world app security posture. Understanding the exploitation origins, how long violation attempts take and how quickly they are noticed ensures informed measures are taken to protect sensitive data, VPN connectivity and remote access vectors.

70% of code in apps are composed of open-source software, third-party libraries, etc.

(2018 Application Security Statistics Report, WhiteHat Security)

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Why Pentest Mobile Apps


Mobile users need to trust the applications they invest in and share personal and sensitive data with. Vulnerabilities in a line of code or a third party component is a large risk to manage when brand reputation is in jeopardy from users taking complaints to social platforms or media organisations exploiting a data breach report.

Mobile App Pentest features


Bramfitt mobile penetration testing will simulate an attacker exploitation using manual expertise methodologies and daily automated security techniques by:

  • Accessing OWASP vulnerabilities
  • Threat modelling and reverse engineering
  • Code modification attacks and root detection mechanisms
  • Static and dynamic testing and analysis


Working closely with DevOps and security teams, reporting and remedial testing is implemented to fix comprised mobile apps and prevent unsolicited access. 

Red teaming approach to mobile app pentests


Drawing from experience from the military, government and AppSec industry, Bramfitt are specialists in OSINT and uncovering application vulnerabilities from leaked source codes, social platforms and search engines. This red teaming approach improves organisation collaboration and communication, and instills a security as code ethos to build an iron clad security posture.  

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Ensure client-side safety, the protection of sensitive data and application security with mobile penetration testing.