Cloud Security

Securing the future of your business

The virtual vault


Migrating apps and data using a multi, single or hybrid approach to the cloud space presents new options for enterprise. The cloud landscape is still so varied that it requires a new level of clarification as to what’s going on with your data – where is it, who owns it, how secure is it and where does the responsibility of security lie?


There will always be a level of uncertainty when external and third parties are involved, but most senior information security professionals believe the risk of a security breach in the cloud is less or the same as on-premise. But how do you ensure this?


Cloud Security services we offer include:

The virtual passage

Migrating data and applications to a cloud infrastructure shifts responsibility to a shared model, which requires a greater level of understanding and control to avert risk and data mismanagement.

Building a cloud safety net

Ensure complete confidence in data protection and compliance by applying robust security principles across the design, development and implementation of cloud architecture.

Clearing the fog

Due to the nature of cloud infrastructure, penetration testing to simulate attack vectors has some restrictions. Understanding how to monitor threats and vulnerabilities is key for peace of mind.

What is Cloud Security


The cloud is a dynamic convenience in a global, portable society where remote access is in demand. Whilst the cloud infrastructure and security perimeter differs from a traditional static and private network, the variables in accessing data and applications are far greater thus posing new threat vectors.

25% of organizations have cryptojacking activity within their environments.


Why is Cloud Security Important


Sensitive data and infrastructure systems are in one place in the cloud, so the approach of Zero Trust pushes for everything to be validated before entry. More parties have access to applications posing greater risk exposure. Encryption, governance and reporting around critical applications is paramount to ensure visibility.

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