Secure Architecture

Designing cloud CIA controls to fit the parameters of your business

Secure by design cloud architecture


Cloud services are delivered in many different ways – Saas, Paas and Iaas – with their own security architecture already present such as MPA, DoS and attack mitigation. But will these standard controls be sufficient for the complexities of enterprise and the required levels of compliance?

Benefits of Secure Cloud Architecture


A cloud security gap analysis will clarify the capabilities of the cloud space and its services, platforms and infrastructure. Discrepancies in compliance standards and regulatory standards can be evaluated against maturity and transparency to provide a basis on which to develop security safeguards.


Enterprise concerns should be managed by security focused solutions to build controls into the multiple layers within the cloud to mitigate the threat landscape.

When asked about adopting an enterprise cloud computing platform, 66% of IT professionals say security is their greatest concern.


Cloud security risks


Designing the controls that protect confidentially, integrity and availability (CIA) of information and services is complex when a shared responsibility model is in place between enterprise and the cloud service or application provider.


Concerns over security and the safe configuration of the IoT and OT devices, coupled with user access and privileges, needs investment in new security tools and capabilities that suit your model objectives.

Secure cloud architecture features


Organisations need to understand the security capabilities offered by cloud platforms and ensure that security architecture is robust enough to tolerate disruptions in the shared infrastructure environment and geographical data centres. 

  • Develop architecture of security-as-a-service
  • User and access management lifecycle
  • End-to-end encryption and data masking
  • Automated safeguards
  • Log and reporting


Once all threats are considered and evaluated, CIA controls can be designed to fit the parameters of your enterprise and cloud offering.

why choose Bramfitt


Bramfitt approaches cloud security architecture by designing for failure. This methodology has proved extremely successful for larger, multifaceted organisations due to its stringent expectations and allowance for every eventuality. A combination of structured risk analysis, evaluation, security implementation and continuous monitoring is implemented that addresses all departments and requirements.

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