Secure Cloud Migration

Ensure integrity of your new cloud environment

Embracing the cloud securely


Gartner research suggests that 92% of workloads will be cloud based by the end of 2020. This massive adoption of a relatively fledgling technological environment brings many risks associated with a shared responsibility model and new threat landscape. 

Benefits of secure cloud migration


Most organisations are in the process of migrating, or at least contemplating the migration of infrastructure and applications to the cloud for improvement of workflow and to moderate local computing power, cost and legacy reliance.


The cloud environment provides adaptability and speed for organisations enabling remote capabilities and global workflows at a highly productive and efficient level … providing security and governance is effective and protective.

Only 12% of global IT organizations understand how GDPR will affect their cloud services.


The cloud security challenge


The cloud challenge is to guarantee a safe and consistent security posture. Not all on-premise security policies apply to the cloud environment therefore organisations need to choose third party providers carefully.


Security architecture built around legacy systems and isolated devices may not transfer to the cloud infrastructure. A strict security-led risk assessment will be required to identify security gaps and weaknesses that could be exploited by malicious actors.

Secure cloud migration features


Bramfitt can help you to enforce a central security strategy to migrate company-wide infrastructure or specific applications and workflows to the cloud whilst maintaining the integrity and confidentiality of all assets.

  • Risk assessment and evaluation
  • Cloud security posture gap analysis 
  • Compliance reporting
  • Access and disaster recovery planning


The cloud may seem easy but that doesn’t mean it’s any more secure. The shift in infrastructure away from hardware hasn’t removed potential software and server problems and vulnerabilities.  The responsibility to ensure your cloud ecostystem is safe still lies with you.

Protecting your virtual landscape


Bramfitt is responsive when it comes to cloud infrastructure and application architecture. Using collective experience from the military, government communications, finance, cyber resilience, and application development industries, our experts can navigate the cloud fog to provide clarity on AppSec planning and implementation in the virtual landscape.

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