Innovating solutions that protect financial organisations
against sophisticated and persistent threats whilst succeeding
in a fast paced and complex environment

Protecting against cyber threats to the financial industry


Organisations working within the financial industry are subject to a wide range of generic and custom threats. Banking trojans, ATP’s, Ransomeware attacks and many others can lead to losses of sensitive data, system availability and service to customers.

Bramfitt has worked with Tier 1 investment bank and insurance companies to proactively architect and engineer solutions with security in mind, reducing the risk of data breaches, outages and reputational  damage.

70% of companies on the Financial Times (FT) 500 list have website access details on the dark web, because the apps are not protected with strong authentication and other access-control measures.

(High-Tech Bridge Security Research)

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Bramfitt within financial organisations



Consulting in a highly regulated industry requires in depth technical knowledge of cyber security and various regional and international regulations.

Our experts have operated in major financial locations, London, New York, Frankfurt and Singapore.

Our experience in a wide variety of situations within the financial industry allows us to provide expert guidance to technical teams and senior management.

Protecting your customers

Securing applications and code that are responsible for your customers' sensitive data and your business success.

Protecting your innovation

Ensuring collaboration between security and engineering teams to achieve security by design.

Protecting your future

Security validation for your remote and distributed environments, as your business leverages next generation technology.

Protecting your environment

Safeguarding networks and systems that allow your business to operate successfully.

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