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Securing Data, Systems and Operational Technology

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An injury or life-threatening consequence from ransomware and cyberattacks on diagnostic equipment and healthcare networks is a possible outcome of unsecured systems. As hospitals, clinics and emergency services strive to improve healthcare provision, advances in technology and IoT offer much needed efficiency to research, care, and delivery. 


Internal and external networks have progressed to interconnect with mobile devices and cloud applications, to speed up patient access and workflow efficiency. This new reliance on integrated technology increases the attack landscape from thousands of connected devices and shared responsibility models. 

Almost half of the ransomware incidents reported in 2018 involved healthcare companies.


Bramfitt within healthcare organisations?


Bramfitt cyber consultants that specialise in health care have extensive experience in aligning the Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act (HIPAA) with the strategic goals of the organisation. The sensitivity of the data that moves across networks and applications within this industry is always critical and requires strict control and encryption processes.


Our experts thrive in this environment, with professionalism and the desire to succeed in ensuring networks, systems, applications and devices operate to the maximum capacity in the most secure manner available.

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Securing applications and code that are responsible for your customers' sensitive data and your business success.

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Ensuring collaboration between security and engineering teams to achieve security by design.

Protecting your future

Security validation for your remote and distributed environments, as your business leverages next generation technology.

Protecting your environment

Safeguarding networks and systems that allow your business to operate successfully.

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