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technologies, helping to safeguard automated industry

Cyber security threats to automated industry


As industrial organisations strive for improved productivity via automation, investment in infrastructure and integration with cloud applications and OT greatly improves workflows and production output. Without considering cyber security within these new technologies, new risks can be introduced and overlooked.


Despite the global make-up of the manufacturing industry, cybersecurity regulations are limited and almost 50% of the sector believes they do not have the right tools for a resilient cyber security posture. The crippling knock-on effect of a breach is just one risk to be managed when a stock market crash, health and safety incident, and loss in brand value has much longer-term effects. 

48% of companies reported they had suffered a cyber attack in the past, with 24% having sustained financial or business losses due to such an attack.

(Statista Research Department)

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Bramfitt within automated industry?


Bramfitt has employed expert consultants with a vast array of experience with automated industry, including from various national government agencies.

Over the past few years, our consultants have tested and remediated new technologies found in aerospace, energy production, automated manufacturing and many more. Leading us to take our vast cyber knowledge from more mature sectors and customise it to help secure the connected, industrial world.

Protecting your customers

Securing applications and code that are responsible for your customers' sensitive data and your business success.

Protecting your innovation

Ensuring collaboration between security and engineering teams to achieve security by design.

Protecting your future

Security validation for your remote and distributed environments, as your business leverages next generation technology.

Protecting your environment

Safeguarding networks and systems that allow your business to operate successfully.

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