Pen Testing

Assessing the effectiveness of security controls and associated risks

Identifying vulnerabilities in your infrastructure


When considering security posture variables in skills gap, alert fatigue, and the fact that over six months is the average time taken to identify a breach, critical security misconfiguration is a very real problem for enterprise.

Protecting business-critical networks


Simulating malicious attacks on infrastructure identifies the risk impact of business-critical systems and sensitive data being exposed. Employing security best practices from development outset keeps remediation costs and damage limitation to a minimum whilst closing vulnerability gaps company-wide. 

1.5 million new phishing sites are created every month.


Protect against risks


Malicious attacks can destroy operating networks and steal essential data in a matter of minutes. As the possibility of DDoS and APT threats increase due to enhanced attacker sophistication, security measures need to improve to match the threat. 


Pen testers well versed in liaising penetration tests with security operations and DevOps teams ensure that vulnerabilities are identified and remediated using key indicators and robust company-wide security-as-code methodologies. 

Help prevent unsuspecting system attacks


In depth examination into your infrastructure will discover ways in which an attacker might try to gain unauthorised access to, or control over, internal and external systems.

  • Workstations
  • Devices
  • Servers
  • IP addresses

Correlating pentesting against manual and automated security monitoring systems will help to formalise a vulnerability management and responsive security architecture strategy for enterprise.

Proper scoping and effective remediation


Bramfitt’s highly skilled and qualified team of penetration testers use advanced network pentests across multiple enterprise-level environments and industries. 


Performing blackbox testing, advanced red team simulations and focused grey and white hat testing, our scoping process ensures that your organisation gains accurate reporting, informed advice and security remediation strategies.

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