Security Architecture

Ensuring a systematic approach to network protection
and enterprise reputation

Infrastructure that’s secure by design


Organisations have always strived to keep data and assets safe. With high-level governance such as GDPR and increased media coverage of sophisticated malicious attacks on global brands, general public awareness, customer demand and probing questions have also increased over the useage and safety of data.

Building a secure environment


Building security architecture at the core of an organisation’s infrastructure enables a systematic approach to the protection and monitoring of the business network that stores, processes and transfers business-critical and sensitive data.


Classifying systems, software and data, alongside information security controls and best practice, will protect the privacy and integrity of company and customer assets.

72% of CISOs say their teams experience “alert and agent fatigue”


Guarding against the risks


Agreeing a company-wide security framework can be a difficult task, as efforts need to be structured and activity coordinated. 


Whilst security architecture needs to be pragmatic to the requirements of the business and wider technology objectives, failing to see the value in protection and prevention increases the risk of exploitation within organisational infrastructure as responsibilities and priorities differ.

Secure architecture features


Organisational security architecture will unify hardware, software and operational layers. The secure deployment and operation of applications will ensure the safe use, communication and storage of data defined by:

  • Structuring processes
  • Synchronising activity from people, processes and tools
  • Underpinning security policies, expectations and enforcement
  • Aligning with business goals 


Security architecture will evolve the security needs of an organisation and support the bigger picture without constricting progress. 

Ensuring protection and integrity


Bramfitt consultants have a strong knowledge of DevSecOps, cyber resilience and OT applications. Our proven ability in designing security architecture and controls for a multitude of complex networks and objectives has led to many global successes. Alongside advising technical leaders on security aspects of longer-term strategies, our consulting and practical methodologies ensure the protection and integrity of company assets, reputation and sensitive data.

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