Vulnerability Management

Implementing security governance to eliminate
infrastructure vulnerability

Making vulnerabilities visible


As organisations add new devices, cloud services and applications to their environment for efficiency and scalability, new vulnerabilities also manifest. In the same vein as OT and IoT, new employees, customers or vendors, whilst beneficial, can also increase the opportunity of exposure to new threats.

Minimising your attack surface


Implementing security governance that focuses on vulnerability management within infrastructure, to continuously identify, evaluate, remediate and report will minimise the attack surface of business networks.


The uninterrupted investigative process will ensure that the introduction of new systems and software, updates and network changes are never overlooked – whether internal or external.

Breaches identified within 100 days, have an average cost of $5.99 million in the US.

(Ponemon 2017)

Calculating the risks


Executing vulnerability management into large organisations is a comprehensive procedure requiring cooperation from all levels due to the complexities of industry. Failing to scale the process effectively or being frugal can result in an increase in network traffic levels that prevent production systems from performing their daily tasks.


A common difficulty, once the system and tooling are installed, is how to deal with and evaluate the complex reporting. Inadequately addressing vulnerability management data can lead to escalating issues and eventual exploitation of business networks.

Real-time detection


Automated vulnerability scanners will evaluate the risk of every exposure in order to plan and prioritise. Real-time detection and remote monitoring of employees and enterprise networks will assess the risk posed to on-premise and cloud infrastructure.

  • Scheduled scanning 
  • Automated scanning
  • Adaptive scanning
  • Identify, evaluate, prioritise, remediate and report


Risk ratings will correlate all vulnerabilities discovered, including false-positives, to prepare a full vulnerability management plan.

Expert vulnerability scanning and management


Bramfitt has years of experience in delivering vulnerability scanning and management projects in global organisations. Our experts carefully map and collaborate with infrastructure and network teams to ensure controlled methodology is implemented and understood throughout the enterprise environment.

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