Protecting the security posture of the retail industry

Cyber Security threats to retail organisations


Retailers have much to contend with from today’s tech-savvy consumer demanding communication, service and account management from mobile applications, web services and social media transactions.


Reliance on the cloud environment, the need for DevOps speed and frequency, and AI integration into the sales and fulfilment pipeline opens up a wider attack surface for retailers. With bots accounting for 70% of network traffic, problems arise in distinguishing between good and bad. When malicious attacks have the potential to steal intellectual property and destroy inventory management it’s strange that many retailers fail to invest in sufficient cyber resilience.

50% of retailers experienced a data breach in 2018.


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Bramfitt within retail organisations?


Bramfitt AppSec strategies have developed alongside emerging OT and AI within the retail sector. Our experts are highly experienced in the changing landscape of attack vectors and sophistication of threat actors. Proven consulting techniques and processes combine Appsec testing, mitigation and secure DevOps integration across the retail pipeline to secure shopping carts, customer data and company assets.

Protecting your customers

Securing applications and code that are responsible for your customers' sensitive data and your business success.

Protecting your innovation

Ensuring collaboration between security and engineering teams to achieve security by design.

Protecting your future

Security validation for your remote and distributed environments, as your business leverages next generation technology.

Protecting your environment

Safeguarding networks and systems that allow your business to operate successfully.

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