Secure DevOps

Transform your DevOps into DevSecOps

Shifting security left


Strengthen DevOps’ communication and collaboration with security at its core. The test and analysis of source code and binaries during the development stages of an application will identify vulnerabilities prior to deployment and avoid compromising the operations pipeline.


Investigative risk assessment, automated security processes and orchestrated penetration testing enhances responsiveness and in turn, protects company assets, reputation and customer data.


Secure DevOps Services that we offer include:

Finding the back doors

When security teams find vulnerabilities in applications it’s down to the development team to provide the repair. A DevSecOps gap analysis will identify isolation and improvement areas in the DevOps function.

Securing the doors

To close the cracks on DevOp vulnerabilities, gap implementation will unite collective objectives, simplified workflows and cohesive tools across each function.

Protect connections

Manage attack surface with security protocols that will fend off cyber assailants and prevent attack vectors abuse across the Internet of Things and operational technology.

What is DevSecOps


Efficient DevSecOps embeds automated security methodologies at the inception of an application to make it more robust and reliable. This built-in security function ensures that the best practice of discovery, remedy and prevention is an ongoing circular process for security posture.

71% of IT professionals feel that their teams currently lack adequate working knowledge of DevSecOps practices.


Why is DevSecOps important?


DevSecOps practices are proactive in nature to ensure that new software is released more quickly, more frequently and more safely with fewer flaws. With perpetual monitoring and threat assessment, the DevOps function becomes more streamlined, receptive and efficient through informative consequence management.

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