Secure DevOps Gap Analysis

Evaluating your DevOps security strength and weaknesses

Know where you are and where you need to be


A DevOps approach to enterprise is characterised by the need for quick deployment and collaboration. Despite this highly efficient and informed workflow, the windows of opportunity to identify and repair vulnerabilities in applications and infrastructure are smaller.

Benefits of a gap analysis


Looking at ways to seamlessly integrate security controls throughout the entire DevOps pipeline adopts a continuous security methodology that starts with development.


A secure DevOps gap analysis will help you to understand where your security posture is now, where it needs to be and how to get there. The comprehensive investigative risk assessment will identify the impact of vulnerabilities, where security measures are missing from the DevOps workflow, and provide the basis to establish improved security protocols benchmarked against security standards.

80% of software flaws are introduced in requirements and design.

(McConnell “Code Complete”)

Securing the foundations


The process of continuous security must start from the foundations of app development before a true DevSecOps environment is established. If this is not embraced, security checks and subsequent fixes will feel like a stumbling block that restricts progress. Layering code updates and quick fixes can fail to identify the root issue, whilst ignoring security for faster deployment and quicker profit wins will inevitably lead to attack vector exploitation.

Secure DevOps Gap analysis features


A DevSecOps gap analysis will consider every element of the enterprise to fully identify any weak spots, from its DevOps and wider organisational structure through to the supporting environment (whether cloud or network infrastructure).

  • Review automated security testing
  • Measure the speed and automation of DevOps
  • In-house processes and vendor standards
  • Pace of development and security tooling
  • Penetration into developer libraries, repositories and devices


Ingrain security processes as second nature and as a pre-planned process, not an afterthought to save costs and invest the budget where it matters most.

Identify areas for improvement with a Secure DevOps Gap Analysis


By carrying out a secure DevOps gap analysis, Bramfitt experts will identify areas for improvement before implementing an AppSec strategy. Best practice consulting and training will be provided, based on current security posture to create a security as code culture within your enterprise to ensure a more agile and security driven approach that will safeguard reputation, assets and data.

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