Secure DevOps Implementation

Implementing security throughout the CI/CD pipeline

Securing innovation


Security tooling hasn’t always evolved at the same pace as development tooling. This equates to a mismatch in alignment and a (sometimes) general consensus that security procedures cause delays in the DevOps function.

Embracing security


Implementing a stringent DevSecOps strategy will insert security at the fundamental stages of development and align security checks at various points throughout the DevOps process. 


This new governance creates completely the opposite outcome to the perceived constraints to progression. It produces a more agile pathway to advancement through reducing vulnerabilities and therefore organisational risk.

Identifying critical bugs earlier in the lifecycle reduced costs by $2.3m.

(IEE Computer Society)

Increasing collaboration


Some organisations struggle to embrace a DevSecOps culture due to function differences in objectives, legal governance, language and workflow. When departments and organisations operate in such isolation the risk of missing vulnerabilities in the supply chain and malicious attacks affecting operations is high because the security element is not scalable. 


Security embedding needs to start from the foundations of application and infrastructure, cloud or network, to have a chance of protecting future tech developments from susceptible attack vectors.

Embedding security processes


The whole purpose of DevOps collaboration is speed of deployment and effective communication between departments to aid progress. Building in DevSecOps will help to ensure the entire pipeline is secure when delivering at speed, allowing code to be created, tested, deployed and safeguarded through:

  • Securing code, libraries and repositories
  • Continuous security integration and check points
  • Continuous security deployment
  • Increased collaboration and communication
  • Safe automation and identification


Find potential vulnerabilities, address them quickly and stop the pipeline and developers from becoming a threat actor’s target through tailored DevSecOps strategies.

Trusted secure DevOps methodologies


Bramfitt experts have worked in DevSecOps since 2014 and have built trusted methodologies that instill a security as code culture within enterprise organisations. Deployed across multiple industries with huge productivity, profitability and protective outcomes, a core security approach to DevOps will save time, money and protect data, assets and reputation.

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